• Hi!

    I am a bio-anthropologist interested in human behaviour from evolutionary perspective

  • Research

    I worked on sexual preference in Indonesian males with Dr Michel Raymond (University Montpellier) and Dr Bambang Suryobroto (IPB University) for my PhD. I am also getting involve on Michel’s and Bambang’s project about local adaptation on environment at risk. We are conducting this research in the villages around Semeru mountain, one of an active volcano in Indonesia. We wish to finish this project soon after pandemic.


    I am currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at UCL working on how cultures influence empathy behaviour in Indonesian societies with Dr Alecia Carter (University College London) and Dr Christine Webb (Harvard University).

  • Traditional dance in Flores (personal credit)

    A cross-dresser learned to read Quran in Yogyakarta (personal credit)

    Merapi mountain, one of an active volcano in Indonesia (personal credit)

    Semeru mountain, another active volcano in Indonesia which become our field site (personal credit)

  • Publications

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    University College London

    14 Taviton St, London, WC1H 0BW, UK

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